Götz Winery is a traditional family owned and operated wine cellar. It has long been the family vision to produce excellent wines made with meticulous care from harvest to bottling at our family vineyards. The Götz family carries on the region's tradition of making fine Tokaji wines by harvesting grapes from our own vineyards, aging our wines in our hundreds of years old underground cellars, and bottling the finished products at our own distribution shop.

Götz Winery is located in the Swabian village of Hercegkút, which lies approximately 3 kilometers from Sárospatak in the heart of the world renowned Tokaj wine region, and approximately 240 kilometers northeast of Budapest. The village's scenic hillside rows of historic wine cellars in Kőporos and Gombos-hegy form part of the World Heritage Site.

Hungarian wines have always been popular throughout Europe. However, the Tokaj Wine Region is home to world-famous specialty wines made with our unique grapes grown in our rich tufa soil. Tokaji wine is uniquely Hungarian and a specialty sought by wine lovers worldwide. Many wine regions elsewhere have tried unsuccessfully to copy our wines' feature colors, long-lasting fragrances and delightful flavors.

The Tokaji Aszú grape nearly went extinct, but was saved from falling into oblivion a decade ago through the hard efforts of the Götz family and other local Aszú winemakers. In addition to Aszú wine specialties, our dry and fruity wines have also gained in popularity. Your wine tasting tour here will introduce you to the local face on the international wine scene.

Our love and admiration of grapes and wines as well as the respect of the family's tradition of hard work play a definitive role in the reputation of Götz Winery. The excellent, productive vineyards of our family business, which include new and old-growth vines, are spread over 17 acres on six separate parcels of land. With vineyards situated in Kincsem and Bartalos in Tolcsva, in Zsadányi at the border of Sárazsadány, and in Csécsi, Darnő and Szegfű near Sárospatak, the Götz family is able to dedicate our winemaking skills into a diverse selection of wines.

A naturally climate-controlled cellar is an indispensable element of our wine quality. Götz Winery ripens and stores our wines in Hungarian oak barrels stored underground in rhyolite-tufa tunnels, which continuously maintains the temperature at 9°C year round.

The high degree of humidity deep in the cellars, combined with the natural compounds emitted from the barrels of ripening wine, team to create a natural mold which lines the interior of the cellar's walls. Called noble mold (Cladosporium cellare), it is a harmless yet vital element that supports the climate necessary for the proper production of our wines.

The harvested grape and raisins are processed on our family farm where we produce quality wines and wine specialties. We ripen these in our four-story cellar located at the World Heritage row of wine cellars in Gombos-hegy, Hercegkút.

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Our wines feature colours and long-lasting fragrances and flavours.


17 ha


9 °C


95 %


Wine tasting, cellar visit with cold and warm meals

Greater or smaller groups of wine lovers are invited to visit our winery

We can serve 10-200 people; the cellar visit and wine tasting take about 1.5-2 hours (+ meal if required)

    Our wine tasting room is also suitable for various events. Even a Gypsy band can be arranged for special events.