Furmint dry

After the most excellent grape-harvest, this dry wine is produced from the main grape of Tokaj-Hegyalja with accurate preparation and controlled ripening.

The primary features of the grape’s aroma are predominant. It has fresh and youthful flavour and crispy acids.

There is a nice harmony between the acid and its extract content. It is a full-bodied, long wine. We can feel its aftertaste for minutes in our mouth.

Sárgamuskotály dry YELLOW MUSCAT DRY

Owing to its fragrance, it is one of the most popular Tokaj wines with consumers.

A wine produced with controlled ripening.

If somebody does not consume or love wine, he/she can be introduced to civilized wine consumption with this Sárgamuskotály.

Furmint semi-sweet

It is produced from the most significant traditional grape of the wine-growing region.

Youthful, purely bright wine.

It is characterized by strong fruit and floral notes which are combined with the youthfulness of the wine.

This wine is produced with reductive technology and controlled ripening. It has elegant, playful acids.

Sárgamuskotály semi-sweet

Intensive, kind fragrance and round acids are peculiar to Sárgamuskotály.

It is one of the most popular types with consumers. Owing to its fresh acids, it is easily enjoyable.

A wine with unequalled bouquet produced with reductive process.

Tokaji Szamorodni sweet


Its colour ranges from pale to vivid gold.

In regards to its fragrance and taste, fresh and candied fruits (peach, citrus fruits, tropical notes) as well as almond and exotic spices can be explored.

Tokaji Aszú
6 puttonyos


It is a wine specialty produced from carefully picked raisins.

In Tokaj-Hegyalja, the so-called Botrytis Cinerea mould gives rise to fermentation, practically drying up the over-ripened grapes.

The extraordinary quality of this wine is not only due to the high sugar content but also its outstanding acid content, which is able to keep a balance.

Greater or smaller groups of wine lovers are invited to visit our winery

We can serve 10-200 people; the cellar visit and wine tasting take about 1.5-2 hours (+ meal if required)

    Our room for wine tasting is also suitable for various events. Even a Gypsy band can be arranged for special events.