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Large and small groups of wine lovers are welcome to visit our winery where you will learn about our region's rich wine heritage while tasting the area's finest wines.


Götz Winery team


Götz Winery is located in a Swabian village, Hercegkút, which lies about 3 kilometres from Sárospatak. The first mention of the settlement dates from the 1750s, the original name of the village was Trautsondorf. The village has two rows of wine cellars, in Kőporos and Gombos-hegy, both form part of the World Heritage Site. Hercegkút has become more and more popular with tourists because of the Swabian Folk House which preserves old traditions. It is worth taking a walk in Gombos-hegy to Kálvária before the wine tasting because of the spectacular view. The village belongs to the Roman Catholic religion, our church was built in the 18th century. In addition, there are several accommodation facilities suitable for a wide range of requirements. OUR MISSION: Götz Winery is a traditional family wine cellar which envisaged to create excellent wines produced with meticulous care from vine-growing through the ripening of wine to bottling.


Oroszné Götz Ildikó

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Götz István

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wine-grower, wine tasting

Greater or smaller groups of wine lovers are welcome to visit our winery

We can serve 10-200 people; the cellar visit and wine tasting take about 1.5-2 hours (+ meal if required)

    Our room for wine tasting is also suitable for various events. Even a Gypsy band can be arranged for special events.

    Our Wines

    Furmint dry - After the most excellent grape-harvest, this dry wine is produced from the main grape of Tokaj-Hegyalja with accurate preparation and controlled ripening.

    Sárgamuskotály semi-sweet - It is one of the most popular types with consumers. Owing to its fresh acids, it is easily enjoyable.

    Furmint semi-sweet - Youthful, purely bright wine.

    Sárgamuskotály dry YELLOW MUSCAT DRY - Owing to its fragrance, it is one of the most popular Tokaj wines with consumers.

    2013 Tokaji Szamorodni sweet - In regards to its fragrance and taste, fresh and candied fruits (peach, citrus fruits, tropical notes) as well as almond and exotic spices can be explored.

    2014 - Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos - It is a wine specialty produced from carefully picked raisins.